Noida Golf Course

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The Noida Golf Course was established on December 5, 1989 by the Noida Authority. It offers an 18-hole championship course set over 97acresand provides an oasis of quiet within the hustle and bustle of Noida.
Besides the golf course itself and practice areas, the Noida Golf Course has a wide range of club facilities that are generally open on all days of the week except Mondays. These facilities include a coffee shop, a multi-cuisine restaurant, bar, party room, a billiard room, swimming pool, library, gym and health club. and venues for holding indoor and outdoor parties.dd

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NGC Management

The Noida Golf Course is run under the guidance of an 11-member Governing Board which consists of six elected members, two nominated and also includes the president (Chairman, NOIDA), the Vice-President (CEO, NOIDA), and the founder president (ex-chief secretary, Govt. of U.P.).
Collectively and with the assistance of the Club Secretary and his dedicated staff, the Noida Golf Course offers a complete and well-administered experience with a variety of on course and off-course offerings that include Club Medal competitions, a number of annual tournaments for members and invitees and a wide range of social activities.


The 18-hole Noida Golf Course is a championship layout spread over 97 acres. It is a 6,989-yard Par-72 layout designed to test the skills of all levels of golfers, be they beginners, casual golfers, competitive amateurs or professionals. It offers four sets of tees for players of all abilities. The front nine plays out over 3,445 yards from the Black Tees and includes two par-5s, two par-3s and fkive long par fours, one of which is the signature 425-yard sixth hole which is a handicap 1 challenge.


Besides its championship 18-hole course, the Noida Golf Course offers a wide range of facilities and amenities to both its members and visiting golfers. They include a flood-lit driving range, chipping and putting range, and chip and putt greens.

Besides golf, the Noida Golf Club is a popular meeting spot with its restaurant, café, bar and other amenities. They include:

Cafeteria & Restaurant

At the heart of our esteemed golf club, nestled amidst the rolling greens and breathtaking landscapes, lies our Cafeteria & Restaurant—an oasis for golfers, visitors, and connoisseurs of fine dining alike.


As a central hub for relaxation, camaraderie, and exquisite libations, The Bar at our golf club stands as a testament to the union of leisure, luxury, and the art of golf. Join us as we toast to the finer things in life, both on and off the greens.

Air-conditioned Gymnasium

With cutting-edge equipment, personalized training, and a commitment to your well-being, our gymnasium offers an unparalleled fitness experience that complements the tranquility of the golf course.

Swimming Pool

Join us at the Swimming Pool and experience a realm where aquatic elegance meets the art of leisure. Whether you seek a tranquil escape, a vibrant social space, or a fusion of fitness and relaxation, our pool facility at the golf club is the epitome of aquatic opulence.

Open Party Area

Under the starlit sky and amidst the elegance of the golf course, the Open Party Area is where cherished memories are woven. It's not just a space; it's a canvas where your celebrations are transformed into unforgettable moments.

Banquet Halls

In the embrace of our Banquet Halls, your celebrations become timeless moments etched in the memories of your guests. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or corporate event, the halls become the canvas upon which your dreams unfold.


For our golf enthusiasts, the library features a dedicated section that celebrates the sport. Immerse yourself in books on golf techniques, history, iconic courses, and legendary players. It's a space where the world of golf meets the world of literature.

Card Room

The Card Room provides an ideal setting for private gatherings and special occasions. Whether you're hosting a game night with friends or celebrating a milestone, the elegant surroundings enhance the sense of occasion.

Snooker/Billiards Room

As a member of our golf club, you gain exclusive access to the Pool/Billiards Room—a space that beckons you to refine your skills, forge connections, and enjoy the pleasures of cue sports. The room is also available for private gatherings and intimate events.

Our Mentors

Our mentors at Noida Golf Course are the guiding light for every golfer, offering invaluable expertise and support in enhancing their skills and passion for the game. With an in-depth understanding of golf’s intricacies, these mentors provide personalized guidance and coaching to players of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.


1 SHRI BRIJENDRA SAHAY (IAS) 20.12.88 TO 22.07.90
2 SHRI P C RAWAL (IAS) 23.07.90 TO 10.12.91
3 SHRI HEMENDRA KUMAR (IAS) 16.02.91 TO 03.07.93
4 SHRI RAVI MATHUR (IAS) 04.07.93 TO 10.01.94
5 SMT NEERA YADAV (IAS) 11.01.94 TO 07.11.95
6 SHRI LAXMI CHAND (IAS) 08.11.95 TO 01.11.96
7 SMT USHA CHATRATH (IAS) 01.11.96 TO 23.04.97
8 SHRI BABU RAM (IAS) 23.04.97 TO 05.07.97
9 SHRI RAVI MATHUR (IAS) 04.07.97 TO 24.09.97
10 SHRI NA VISHWANATHAN (IAS) 29.09.97 TO 13.10.97
11 SMT SUMITA KANDPAL (IAS) 13.10.97 TO 31.08.01
12 SHRI LAXMI CHAND (IAS) 23.03.02 TO 05.05.02
13 SHRI DHARMENDRA DEV (IAS) 06.05.02 TO 29.06.02
15 SHRI LALIT SRIVASTAVA (IAS) 05.09.02 TO 31.08.03
16 SHRI BRIJESH KUMAR (IAS) 17.09.03 TO 30.12.03
17 SHRI VINOD KUMAR MALHOTRA (IAS) 31.12.03 TO 28.05.04
18 SHRI DEO DATTA (IAS) 29.05.04 TO 10.07.05
19 SHRI RAKESH BAHADUR (IAS) 11.07.05 TO 14.05.07
20 SHRI LALIT SRIVASTAVA (IAS) 15.05.07 TO 31.12.09
21 SHRI MOHINDER SINGH (IAS) 01.01.10 TO 19.07.11
22 SHRI BALVINDER KUMAR (IAS) 20.07.11 TO 31.10.11
23 SHRI MOHINDER SINGH (IAS) 01.11.11 TO 18.10.12
24 SHRI ANIL RAJ KUMAR (IAS) 20.03.12 TO 04.05.12
25 SHRI RAKESH BAHADUR (IAS) 05.05.12 TO 07.03.13
26 SHRI RAMA RAMAN (IAS) 03.05.13 TO 12.04.17
27 SHRI ALOK SINHA (IAS) 13.04.17 TO 07.09.17
28 SHRI ALOK TANDON (IAS) 08.09.17 TO 28.01.21
29 SHRI SANJIV MITTAL (IAS) 18.03.21 TO 04.05.22
30 SHRI ARVIND KUMAR (IAS) 01.06.22 TO 28.02.23

Vice President

1 Shri Amrendra Sinha (IAS) 27.12.88 26.10.89
2 Shri P C Rawal (IAS) 27.10.89 22.06.90
3 Shri M H Khan (IAS) 23.06.90 13.08.91
4 Shri Arvind Singh Deo (IAS) 29.04.92 19.07.92
5 Shri Rakesh Sharma (IAS) 20.07.92 23.05.94
6 Shri Rajiv Kumar (IAS) 14.06.94 29.12.95
7 Shri P K MishrA (IAS) 31.12.95 17.08.96
8 Shri Rajiv Mathur (IAS) 17.08.96 05.07.97
9 Shri Ashok Khurana (IAS) 05.07.97 13.10.97
10 Shri N A Vishwanathan (IAS) 31.10.97 15.04.98
11 Shri Siddhartha Behura (IAS) 15.04.98 25.08.99
12 Shri Lalit Srivastva (IAS) 01.11.99 24.12.99
13 Shri R N Trivedi (IAS) 24.12.99 09.02.01
14 Shri V K Malhotra (IAS) 09.02.01 27.03.02
15 Shri Brijesh KumaR (IAS) 27.03.02 30.04.02
16 Shri Deo Dutta (IAS) 08.05.02 18.06.02
17 Shri Mukul Singhal (IAS) 19.06.02 29.06.02
18 Shri Vinod Malhotra (IAS) 30.06.02 03.08.02
19 Shri D S Bains (IAS) 03.08.02 20.12.02
20 Dr Om Prakash (IAS) 21.12.02 31.08.03
21 Shri Debasish Panda (IAS) 17.09.03 17.10.03
22 Shri Mohd. Haleem Khan (IAS) 18.10.03 26.01.03
23 Shri Debasish Panda (IAS) 27.01.04 20.06.04
24 Shri T Venkatesh (IAS) 26.07.04 06.03.05
25 Shri A K Chaturvedi (IAS) 07.03.05 10.07.05
26 Shri Awanish K Awasthi (IAS) 11.07.05 14.09.05
27 Shri Sanjiv Saran (IAS) 15.09.05 15.05.07
28 Smt Monica S Garg (IAS) 16.05.07 23.07.07
29 Shri Balvinder Kumar (IAS) 24.07.07 22.10.07
30 Shri Mohinder Singh (IAS) 30.11.07 31.12.10
31 Shri Rama Raman (IAS) 14.12.10 19.07.11
32 Shri Balvinder Kumar (IAS) 20.07.11 31.10.11
33 Shri Mohinder Singh (IAS) 01.11.11 01.11.11
34 Shri Jeevesh Nandan (IAS) 02.11.11 18.12.11
35 Capt. S K Dwivedi (IAS) 19.12.11 17.03.12
36 Shri Anil Rajkumar (IAS) 20.03.12 03.05.12
37 Shri sanjiv Saran (IAS) 04.05.12 16.01.13
38 Shri Rama Raman (IAS) 17.01.13 08.06.13
39 Shri. Manoj Rai (PCS) 09.06.13 21.10.15
40 Shri Saumya Srivastava (PCS) 17.06.16 07.07.17
41 Shri Amit Mohan Prasad (IAS) 08..07.17 08.09.17
42 Smt Ritu Maheshwari, (IAS)  01.08.19 20.07.23

Golf Captain

1 Shri N S Choudhary, IAS (Retd) 01.06.96 13.07.99
2 Shri D K Arya, IPS (Retd) 14.07.99 18.06.03
3 Lt. Gen. Satish Nambiar (Retd) 19.06.03 30.07.06
4 Air Marshal S Chand (Retd) 31.07.06 04.05.07
5 Maj. Gen. H K Sinha (Retd) 05.05.07 06.08.08
6 Shri Arvind Sharma 07.08.08 25.07.10
7 Shri Simarjeet Singh 26.07.10 03.08.12
8 Shri Rakesh Agnihotri 04.08.12 16.06.16
9 Commodore V K Thakur (Retd) 17.06.16 29.11.20
10 Shri Prakash Chandra, IRS (Retd) 13.12.20 29.07.22


1 Shri C S Karan 14.03.91 06.04.91
2 Wg Cdr (Retd) Anoop Singh 01.07.91 30.06.94
3 Shri M M Mishra (Officiating) 01.07.94 10.11.94
4 Col (Retd) J S Sethi 01.07.94 10.11.94
5 Shri R B Maurya (Officiating) 18.07.95 06.02.96
6 Shri Ashok Verma (Officiating) 06.02.96 20.04.96
7 Wg Cdr (Retd) Anoop Singh 20.04.96 16.01.98
8 Wg Cdr (Retd) Anoop Singh (Officiating) 17.01.98 27.03.99
9 Shri Alok Sinha, IAS 27.03.99 13.01.01
10 Shri Sudhir Garg, IAS 14.01.01 29.04.02
11 Col (Retd) K K Singh 30.04.02 29.04.03
12 Wg Cdr (Retd) Anoop Singh 30.04.03 28.04.06
13 Col (Retd) S K Sharma 29.04.06 30.04.07
14 Col (Retd) Pravin Uberoi 01.05.07 03.08.12
15 Maj Gen (Retd) H K Sinha (Hony) 07.08.12 08.11.12
16 Shri Manoj Rai (Hony) 09.11.12 31.03.13
17 Shri M M Mishra, IAS (Retd) 31.03.13 28.02.18
18 Dr Steven J Menezes (Officiating) 01.03.18 04.07.18
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